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“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”

—   Harvey Fierstein (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

“Nobody realizes that some people expend a tremendous energy trying to be normal.”

—   Albert Camus (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

“You cannot imagine how lonely I feel.”

—   Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

“Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction.”

—   Bobby Sommer (via onlinecounsellingcollege)



i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 


repeat after me:

there are white people suffering in the world

but the white people who are suffering are not suffering because they are white

Extremely fucking important

that one time when kyungsoo cried because of ‘prince of tennis’

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“When I can stand before a class of predominately black students who refuse to believe that conscious decisions and choices are made as to what roles black actors will portray in a given television show, I feel compelled to name that their desire to believe that the images they see emerge from a politically neutral fantasy world of make-believe is disempowering; is a part of a colonizing process. If they cannot face the way structures of domination are institutionalized, they cannot possibly organize to resist the racism and sexism that informs the white-dominated media’s construction of black representation. And, on a more basic level, they lack the capacity to protect themselves from being daily bombarded and assaulted by disenabling imagery. Our mental well-being is dependent on our capacity to face reality. We can only face reality by breaking through denial.”


bell hooks

This is really IMPORTANT. I’ve had many conversations with Black people about how EVERY SINGLE THING conveyed via media is a conscious choice by people. Media is not arbitrary, random, neutral nor apolitical.

Crime stories that feature Black men’s photos but not White men’s photos on local news is a choice. Calling White male terrorism anything but the terrorism it is, is a choice. Creating films that are racist/sexist and are for the purposes of affirming White supremacy and patriarchy are choices.

Media is not arbitrary. It doesn’t only reveal or speak of culture, it creates it. Many Black people get very very angry with other Black people who are critically conscious about media. I’ve been attacked harder for critiquing media that denigrates Black people than I have been for critiquing Obama, religion, marriage, sports or anything else. I was cursed out for not worshipping Django Unchained.

I think this wilful ignorance that some of us have, or even just unconsciousness regarding colonization is dangerous, but I find the former more dangerous than the latter. People who are forcefully not trying to dissect the media that harms us and praise those who tear us apart (including Black creators of cultural production; it’s not only White people who create things that reaffirms White supremacy) are dangerous to me. Like…I can’t even be around them. I don’t trust them. It means they are not even seeing how media itself is shaping some of the dangerous thoughts and behaviors that they exhibit in their own lives. They make me antsy to be around. I say this because for example, I’ve had men threaten me in real life using lines from songs and films. In real life though….saying this to my face. And, they don’t have to be so direct; reinforcing negative narratives about a people impacts how others see them and how they seem themselves.

Media is not arbitrary, random, neutral nor apolitical.

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Luhan was only staring at the person who holds the camera , he supposed to be focus to the camera, instead of only staring at sehun



Treating Black People As A Consumable Good ≠ Valuing Black Life

Black and other people who protest the extrajudicial execution of Michael Brown and protest anti-Blackness and State violence themselves brought that protest to the recent St. Louis Rams versus San Francisco 49ers game. Of course they were met with everything from indifference/annoyance to outright acts of hatred because of it. I was so proud to see them upset that space though.

There, White people, many of whom are clearly racist (I mean…just watch some of the after the game videos posted all over Instagram) consuming Black bodies (and let’s be clear, how the NFL operates has a lot to deconstruct in terms of the use of primarily Black bodies; see Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete; and discussion of Black athletes in this context is not absolution of intraracial gendered abuse/crime) as a product, a good, an entertainment, but then during the game and after the game were confronted with the reality of State-sponsored Black death and what that means for Black people in America because of the nature of anti-Blackness. And some could not deal. 

It doesn’t take every White person at that game to respond as some did for racism to be real. Again, structural violence on Black people in multiple forms exist not only to the benefit of Whiteness but in part helps define Whiteness itself. Where “Black” is treated as diametrical, as the ultimate inferior. (And for the willfully obtuse thirsty for a derail, when you juxtapose intraracial crime with State violence, you’re suggesting that the type of crime that every race experiences between “citizens” becomes a reason to justify State violence on Black people, specifically. When you suggest a Black victim was “no angel” you suggest State violence is acceptable on Black people by standards only Whites can determine. Anti-Blackness.)

This thought about Whites’ response to the resistance during the game just reminds me about how I wrote about White consumption of Black culture or womanist/Black feminist scholarship is not proof of compassion or anti-racism praxis. And because of how White supremacy is socialized, there are fellow Black people who process White consumption as an “elevation” or validation of Black cultural production and think that’s something to be “flattered” by. It isn’t. Furthermore, Whites appropriating Black culture is not proof of valuing Black life. At all.

Black life is treated as non-human life and a “debatable topic.” What is a Black body but a buffet or a store or a meal or an object if the value of the experience of consuming it matters more than the intrinsic value of Black people…where only in the context of White pleasure does a Black person matter? 

BTS & Got7


Jimin: hey look its our favorite rookie group

JB: um arent you guys rookies too

Jimin: we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about being idols. call me hyung

JB: im pretty sure im older than you

Rapmon: yeah jimin sit down 

J-Hope: so…what do you guys wanna do 

Jackson: i think i wanna get to know jungkook better

Jungkook: sure hyung what do you want to know

Jackson: mmMMmmm your voicEe. maknaes are my favorite

Bambam: i thought i was your favorite

Jackson: dont worry boys, theres plenty of jackson to go around

Junior: jackson stop being so creepy

Mark: hey you

V: *looks around room* me?

Mark: yeah. theres only room for one of us

V: umM what are you talking about

Mark: theres only room for one beautiful redhead. so how do u wanna duel this out

V: i dont

Mark: martial arts contest ????? good idea *does a backflip*

Jin: woaH mark be careful. you dont want to hurt your lovely face. thats the struggle of being a visual. trust me, i would know

Mark: wow, finally someone who understands me 

Suga: can you guys stop being gay as fuCk

Junior: yeah guys, seriously

Suga: uM werent you just sitting on JB’s lap five seconds ago

Junior: thats how we get to know each other better

Jackson: i hope we all get to know each other *creepy smile* especially you jungkook

Jungkook: um 

Yugyeom: wow jungkook how old are you???? haha youre like two 

Jin: arent you younger than him

Yugyeom: yeah but look at me. im a man

Jimin: WOW yugyeom we have SO much in common. my age says young but my body says old *lifts up shirt*

Jackson: wow-

JB: no jackson dont even 

Youngjae: *laughing to himself in a corner*

Rapmon: whats up with him

Jackson: shhhh dont worry about that babe 

Rapmon: ok you need to stop

Suga: hey bammity bambam, i head you can drop some sick beats

Bambam: yep! im the cute rapper *aegyo*

Suga: why dont we join our swag together and make something beautiful

Bambam: like what

Suga: anythin u want homie. min suga can do it all

Mark: but can you do a backflip

JB: please stop 

Mark: please stop hiding your jealousy

V: hey mark

Mark: wuT peasant

V: can i meet ur dad

Mark: no

V: why ?? we have a lot in common 

Mark: like what

V: we’re both cooler than YOU 

Mark: *faints* 

 - Jimin's "Tony ~ ♥"

56/∞ gifs of Jongin: Handsome in white 

his smile melts my heart <3

56/ gifs of Jongin: Handsome in white 

his smile melts my heart <3

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4/ moments where jin makes my kokoro go badum badum

Marry me already